Napilap Bt. undertakes packaging of magazines, attaching supplements, or storage of typographical materials.


Napilap Bt has more than ten years of professional experience in the trade of packaging and storing typographical materials. Our company was established in 1998 and originally we only distributed daily newspapers. In 2001, besides distribution we also started to store other newspapers and magazines, and from an initial 10-12 pallets we are able to store 1200-1300 pallets currently for our business clients.

In 2003, adjusting to our Publishing Companies’ demands, we expanded our existing services with packaging. In the interest of smooth operation we installed two automatic and two semi-automatic packing machines. With this amount of machinery we have the capacity of the leading fields, able to package 180 thousand products daily.

For Publishing Companies we undertake the supply of newspapers, taking back and storing of unsold newspapers, furthermore posting and mechanically labelling of parcels.

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