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Publications wrapped in foil have a great advantage against ones without it. The thoughtful packaging not only makes the product more saleable with its better appearance, but also protects it from possible damage during transportation and distribution.

It is paramount for our clients that their publications are supplied quickly and precisely even at large quantities with our packaging service to their expectation. Let it be a simple foil wrapping, packaging requiring a special technique, possibly supplementing advertising materials or gift packs, with our modern machinery we can cater for all needs.


Kallfass Universa 400 NT universal horizontal packaging machine, side sealing. Capacity: 2500 pieces / hour in case of A4 sheet

Mailbag (2 pieces) Manual, vertical packaging machine. Capacity: 1200 pieces / hour

BVM Compakta konti 5015 Packaging machine side sealing. Capacity: 7000 pieces / hour