Services: Foil wrapping, attaching of samples of products required by clients, storing of typographical materials.

Our services:

Foil wrapping of publications

Publications wrapped in foil look aesthetic, show quality and less likely to get damaged during transportation or distribution. It is essential to use it when attaching supplements. With our up-to-date machinery we are able to wrap even large quantities of newspapers and publications in foil quickly and effectively.

Attaching supplements

We offer flexible choice of possibilities when attaching product samples, advertising materials and gift packages to typographical materials. We assure our clients of a choice of numerous variations of this service depending on the placing and the type of supplements.

Postal preparation / addressing

Personalizing with inkjet technology, addressing or printing any data with black ink on wrapped or surface clean product.

Storage of typographical materials

Our storage facility makes it possible to store publications, product samples and advertising materials in a modern, large warehouse. Currently we are capable of storing 1300 pallets, which is placed at our client disposal in a safe warehouse.


Our fleet of numerous motor vehicles is capable of transporting and distributing large merchandise quickly and accurately.

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